Instant Withdrawal Online Casino Singapore

Whenever you win at an online casino you want your money as quickly as possible. That’s why instant withdrawal, or fast paying online casinos has risen in popularity in the last few years. 

No one wants to wait around for their winnings for several days, or even weeks. You want it quick, hopefully within a couple of hours.

On this page we’re covering instant withdrawal online casinos, where you most of the time, will experience fast paying withdrawals completed within just a few hours of making the request.

Here we’ll cover:

  • Best instant withdrawal SG casinos
  • Are instant withdrawal casinos really instant?
  • Factors that impact withdrawals at online casinos
  • What the slowest cash out options are
  • Why fast paying online casinos are better
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3 Best Instant Withdrawal SG Casinos

The instant withdrawal casinos we use and recommend on this site are all instant paying or fast paying. Most of the time they will pay you within just a couple of hours, however some may take up to 24 hours in certain cases.

The fastest paying SG online casinos are:

  • FastPay
  • Bitstarz
  • King Billy

Are Instant Withdrawal Casinos Really Instant?

It depends on what instant withdrawal casino you’re talking about. What we mean by instant is that they will process the withdrawals within just a few hours, or certainly no more than 24 hours, and it can even be instant in some cases, however that is very rare.

Factors That Impact Withdrawals At Online Casinos

There are a number of factors that can have an impact on the time it takes for withdrawals to be processed. Let’s have a look at the factors below in detail.

Verification Delays

This is the main thing that can slow down instant withdrawals. Some online casinos will not process instant withdrawal requests until they have verified your identity. You’d then have to send in proof of address and ID. How fast this process is varies vastly from casino to casino.

´╗┐The fast paying casinos usually get your papers verified within a few hours, however it can take up to a day or two. For slower casinos this process can take up to one week.

Choose The Right Payment Option

The instant withdrawal casinos we recommend all have the same common factor, they offer fast payment options. If you want your money quickly, go for an e-wallet or cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Do not choose bank transfer, cheque or credit cards.

Cryptocurrencies and e-wallets can potentially pay within an hour, while the latter will often take at least one day, if not three.

VIP Player Status

If you have real instant withdrawal at an online casino (withdrawal within seconds or minutes), it’s often because of your VIP player status. If you’re a high roller or regular customer who generates lots of action for the casino (i.e. money) then casinos will want to keep you happy and avoid hurting their reputation. Hence, they will pay you faster than other customers.

Withdrawal Restrictions

Some casinos will limit how much you can withdraw per day, week or month. For example, a casino may only allow for $5000 worth of withdrawals per day, $20,000 per week and $50,000 per month. If you try to withdraw $100,000 at such a casino, you won’t get all of your money until it’s been two months.

Make sure to check the limits before you register. Usually these limits can be increased when you reach a VIP status. Also, winnings from progressive jackpot slots do not count towards these limits usually.

Bonus Term Checks

If you use a casino bonus at an instant withdrawal casino, there may be extra checks to perfume by the processing team before they can clear your withdrawal request. If you want as fast withdrawals as possible, don’t play with bonuses, and play raw instead. However, usually, these checks can be done within an hour or automatically in the casino’s system.

What Are The Slowest Cash Out Options?

It’s usually much faster to withdraw with an e-wallet or Bitcoin than bank transfer and credit cards for instant payouts, though it varies from casino to casino. Some casinos will take up to 1-7 days when using a wire transfer, and the same goes with credit cards. If you ever have requested payment by cheque, this can take up to a month.

Fast Paying Online Casinos Are Better

It’s no secret that instant payout casinos are the most player-friendly. These SG online casinos get a much better reputation than other online casinos, just because there’s rarely any issues with payment. They don’t stall, and you have your money within 24 hours.

That way there’s not any issue with an urge to play more either. Some casinos actually stall payments just to hope that players gamble away their winnings before they receive them.


Now that you know and understand how instant withdrawal casinos work, take a look at the table further up if you find these sites interesting. In our view, are these the best online casinos by far in terms of player experience and satisfaction.

Instant Withdrawal Online Casino FAQs

What Is Instant Withdrawal?

An instant withdrawal online casino is a website that pays players very quickly after they’ve requested their money. They usually use the most popular payment methods like e-wallets and Bitcoin.

Why Should I Play At An Instant Withdrawal Casino?

If you want your money quickly, then an instant withdrawal casino is the best option. If you don’t care if it takes 4 hours or 4 days, then you can choose a casino based on other criterias.

What Are The Best Instant Withdrawal Casinos?

In our opinion, the best instant withdrawal casinos for Singaporean players are FastPay, Bitstarz and King Billy. These casinos are usually very quick with processing both payments and verification.

What Is The Best Payment Method For Instant Withdrawals?

In our opinion, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are the surest way to receive your money as fast as possible.