Online Casino Games With Dice

Online casino games with dice are some of the most popular in Asia, and more specifically Singapore. However, there is still not a huge selection of dice games available in various live casinos. We’ve done our research so that you’re able to play at the best dice casinos.

On this page we’re covering:

  • Best dice casinos to play at
  • The most popular casino games with dice
  • Why you should chose live dealer dice
  • House edge of games of dice
Best Casinos for Dice Games (Singapore)
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7 Best Online Casino Games With Dice

Let’s have a closer look at the 7 most popular dice games you’ll find in online and land based casinos today.

  • Craps
  • Sic Bo
  • Lightning Dice
  • Hazard
  • Klondike
  • Blanka Francesca
  • Chuck-A-Luck


Craps is one of the most popular casino games in Asia, especially Singapore. It’s a dice game that requires players to bet on the outcome of a roll.

There are a few variations to this game, but normally (including in Singapore) it is played with two dice.

If you’re new to casino games then craps can be somewhat intimidating as there are so many bets available and different rules for each one, however if you want an exciting game please give it a try.

Sic Bo

Another game that needs the use of dice, Sic Bo is a popular game played in Asia, as well as Singapore.

The game itself is pretty simple; you need to bet on the outcome of one die or both (hence “Si” – one die/coin and “Bo” meaning double). If you win your payout will depend on the bet you chose.

Lightning Dice

Lightning Dice is a game that is becoming increasingly popular in Asia, and Singapore.

The game itself has similarities to craps as you’ll need to bet on the outcome of one or both dice. The lightning feature increases the multiplier on random outcomes, which is what makes this game especially interesting.


Hazard is a dice game that is in the form of a game similar to roulette.

The game involves players placing bets on whether the outcome will be odd or even, high or low etc., rolling two dice to determine this.

At the moment this is a hard game to come by in live dealer casinos.


Klondike is a dice game that requires players to roll three dice and place bets on the outcome.

There are two main types of Klondike games – American and European, with differences in rules for each one.

Blanka Francesca

Blanka Francesca is a game of dice that requires players to roll two dice and bet on the outcome, which is then compared with a table.


Another game that uses three dice but was adapted from an American game called chuck-a-luck (hence the name).

Players place bets on numbers or colours before rolling the dice.

Play Live Dealer Dice for the Best Experience

When playing casino games online players often have a few choices, that is also the case when you’re playing a game of dice.

In order to really feel like you’re in an actual casino and enjoy the game as much as possible we highly recommend checking out some live dealer casinos with games such as craps, Sic Bo or Lightning Dice.

This game type also offers players the ability to chat with other players and interact with dealers.

Top 5 SG Casinos to Play Games of Dice at

In order to save you the trouble of finding a game that suits your preferences, we’ve done our research and found five great casinos for games with dice.

These online casinos have been selected based on their high quality standards, game selection as well as payouts. Please keep in mind that bonuses or other promotions may change from time-to-time at these sites, so please check their terms & conditions before signing up.

  • Bitstarz
  • King Billy
  • 22Bet
  • Betwinner
  • 7Bit

House Edge of Games Of Dice

When it comes down to games that need dice, you’ll notice that most have a house edge attached to them.

Let’s have a look at the house edge on some of the popular dice games and bets.

BetGameHouse edge
Pass Line/Come BetCraps1.41%
Don’t Pass/Don’t ComeCraps1.36%
Big 6 or 8Craps9.09%
Hardway Bets 6 or 8Craps9.09%
Hardway Bets 4 or 10Craps11.11%
Lay odds 1xCraps0.7%
Lay odds 2xCraps0.5%
Lay odds 3xCraps0.3%
Lay odds 5xCraps0.2%
Lay odds 10xCraps0.1%
Lay odds 20xCraps0.07%
Lay odds 100xCraps0.01%
Big/SmallSic Bo2.78%
4/17Sic Bo2.78%
5/16Sic Bo2.78%
6/15Sic Bo2.78%
7/14Sic Bo2.78%
8/13Sic Bo2.78%
9/12Sic Bo7.41%
10/11Sic Bo12.5%
One dieSic Bo1.85%
Any two diceSic Bo2.78%
2 dice matchingSic Bo11.11%
3 dice matchingSic Bo3.24%
Any 3 dice matchingSic Bo2.78%

Casino Games With Dice FAQ

What game uses two dice?

Craps is a game that requires players to roll two six-sided dice, with the outcomes being used for betting purposes.

This game can be played live in many Singaporean casinos or online live casinos at various sites.

Can I play casino games of dice on my mobile device?

Many casinos will have apps available which are especially useful when it comes down to playing games like craps or Sic Bo. However, you can also play directly in the browser on your mobile phone at almost all online casinos these days.

Where’s the best place to find SG Casinos offering Live Dealer Dice Games?

At this time there aren’t too many good options to choose from, so we’re recommending that you stick to the casinos suggested on this page.