Mermaid Hunter Casinos

Have you ever wanted to see a beautiful mermaid swimming at the bottom of the ocean floor? Then you should try the fish casino game called Mermaid Hunter by KA Gaming. 

Here you need to be on your toes while aiming the minigun at figures appearing on the screen. Your job is to fire bullets at them in order to get rewards. Each shot costs you money, but you can win cash back by killing each and every one of the figures in Mermaid Hunter. 

The biggest payout in this game is 300 times your bet. The figure that can pay this amount is the mermaid. There are also features in this game that can boost your wins. You will certainly have tons of fun when playing this game in Singaporean casinos online

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Quick Facts About Mermaid Hunter

DeveloperKA Gaming
Game typeArcade slot
Max win300x

How to Play Mermaid Hunter

You will quickly learn how to play this game in a Mermaid Hunter casino. There is some skill involved, but it is mostly based on luck. The goal of the game is to kill figures that appear on the screen before disappearing again. 

You are going to use a mini-gun to do this and each shot you fire is worth real money cash. When you kill a figure like the mermaid, the pirate or a fish, you get cash back. Do not worry about missing shots, they will bounce around until they finally hit a target.

If you spot a mermaid but some figures are in the way, you can make the bullet ricochet by shooting to either side of the screen, or upwards to either left or right.

There are some figures that can trigger features. Keep a lookout for them while playing.

You can use lock on target or auto shot by clicking either of the icons on the right side of the screen. Lock on target will shoot one specific target of your choosing. Auto shot will make the gun shoot by itself. This way you do not have to click any buttons.

If you are looking for a similar game to Mermaid Hunter you could try Poseidon’s Secret.

Mermaid Hunter Features

There are quite a lot of features in Mermaid Hunter. These features can increase your payouts. By killing certain figures like the Electric Eel, the Piggy Bank, the Bomb Fish or the Seahorse your payouts can drastically increase. Which also means you will have a lot more fun. 

We recommend that you use the auto lock on target when you want to kill figures that can give features. This way the bullets will pass through other figures that are in the way. 

Electric Eel Feature

If you spot the eclectic eel you should activate auto lock and fire away. If you kill it the Electric Eel Feature will be triggered. A shock of lightning will cause a chain reaction killing a certain amount of fishes that are present on the screen in that given moment. 

Piggy Bank Feature

If you locate the golden piggy bank you should focus all your shots on it to trigger the Piggy Bank Feature. When you destroy it you will win up to 50x your bet size. 

Additionally all the figures present on the screen will be frozen in place giving you time to shoot other figures, or even activating other features by killing an electric eel, a bomb fish or mayb a seahorse. The Piggy Bank Feature is certainly one of the best features in the game. 

Bomb Fish Feature

If you locate the robot that looks like a fish and destroy it, you will trigger the Bomb Fish Feature. It will cause a series of explosions all over the screen to kill a certain number of fishes. It can give you quite the payout if you have a little luck on your side.

Seahorse Feature

If you kill the seahorse with the bomb on its back you will trigger the Seahorse Feature. Instead of normal ammo, you will shoot a single bomb that will bounce back and forth. 

It will deal quite a lot of damage to all figures in its path. While the bomb is on the screen you can not use normal shots. You have to wait until the seahorse feature is completed.


You will notice quite a lot of figures appearing on the screen when playing in a Mermaid Hunter casino. The best paying ones are the octopus, the pirate and the beautiful mermaid. You will also notice a walrus, a pirate ship filled with gold, a siren with a trident and others.

The best paying figure in the game is the mermaid. She can pay anywhere from 50x to 300x. Exactly how much she pays is random, so all you can do is cross your fingers.


The Mermaid Hunter slot is a really fun casino game with fish. Here you are supposed to aim your minigun at creatures appearing at the sea floor. You will notice a mermaid, a pirate, a siren and more. 

Each shot you fire costs real money, but you also win real money by killing figures. The biggest single win is 300x, but there are several features that can increase your wins. You can find this title in Mermaid Hunter casinos like 7Bit and King Billy.


What type of game is Mermaid Hunter?

Mermaid Hunter is like an arcade slot where each shot you fire is like a spin, because they are worth money. The goal is to kill the figures in the game to get cash back.

What is the max payout in Mermaid Hunter?

If you kill the Mermaid you can win 300 times your bet, which is the biggest win in the game.

Does Mermaid Hunter have any features?

There are quite a lot of features like Electric Eel, Piggy Bank, Bomb Fish and Seahorse.

Who created Mermaid Hunter?

The software developer behind Mermaid Hunter is KA Gaming.