King Octopus Casinos

King Octopus will most certainly suit players who are into gaming. This is an arcade slot coming from KA Gaming and it can be found in trusted Singaporean casinos like 7Bit and King Billy.

The goal in King Octopus is to shoot sea creatures that appear on the screen in order to win prizes. You gotta be rather quick, because they will try to escape to the other side. You are using your real money as ammo, but you can also win real money when you kill the sea creatures. 

Keep your eyes open for King Octopus on the screen. He has a pirate hat, an eyepatch and a hook on one of his tentacles. If you kill him, you can be awarded with 368x your bet. 

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Quick Facts About King Octopus 

DeveloperKA Gaming
Game typeArcade slot
Max win368x

How to Play King Octopus 

By finding a King Octopus casino you will quickly learn how to play this fish casino game. There is some skill involved, but there is no doubt that the game is mostly based on luck. 

The goal in the King Octopus slot is to shoot figures with a minigun to get cash rewards. You do not have to worry about missing shots, because they will bounce when hitting different sized

You can choose between three different bet levels in King Octopus – Bronze, Silver and Gold. 

By choosing Bronze your bet size will range from $0.01 to $0.10, Silver $0.10 to $1.00 and Gold $1.00 to $10.0 per shot fired. This means that both high-rollers and low rollers from Singapore can enjoy King Octopus with their preferred bet size.

Furthermore there are some options when it comes to how you want to shoot in this game.

Normal shooting. To fire the minigun in King Octopus simply click the left mouse button to shoot ones or press (hold it in) the left mouse button to spray.  

Lock on a target. By clicking this icon you can lock your gun on a figure of your choosing. The gun will only shoot bullets at the target without hitting other fish present on the screen. Focusing on a specific target that can trigger features can surely increase the chances of winning.

Auto shooting. Do you want to relax while playing? Then you should activate auto shooting. Decide the direction of the bullets by clicking anywhere on the screen. The gun will fire until you turn auto shooting off. Do not worry about wasting shots, they will keep bouncing around. 

King Octopus Features

In King Octopus you will experience features like Jellyfish Sprites, Gunpowder Barrel, Freeze Treasure Box and Drill Weapon. All of them can increase your wins on the reels. You will spot them as figures on the screen with a special effect, making them stand out from the rest.

Jellyfish Sprites

This is the figure of the jellyfish full of electricity. By destroying it you will activate the Jellyfish Sprites feature. It will kill a certain number of fish after a chain reaction of electricity.

Gunpowder Barrel

This is the figure of the barrel with fused bombs. You should quickly shoot at it because it will cause a ranged explosion on the screen that will end up killing a certain amount of fish. 

Freeze Treasure Box

This is the figure of the treasure chest with the skeleton holding on to it. If you spot it on the screen you should immediately aim for it, especially if King Octopus is there as well.

If you destroy it the Freeze Treasure Box feature will trigger and freeze all figures on screen for about 15 seconds. This means that you have time to aim for those that pay the biggest prizes.

Drill Weapon

This is simply a figure of a sharp drill. If you destroy it you can use it as a weapon. You only get one shot that will bounce back and forth dealing damage to the creatures present on the screen.


There are quite a few figures that can be seen in this game. If you visit one of the King Octopus casinos further up on the page, you could have a look at the complete paytable. Here you can see figures like golden sharks, clownfish, sword sharks, sting rays, seahorses and more. You will also spot King Octopus himself, as well as his ship filled with treasure and golden coins. 


King Octopus is an innovative casino game that will suit many Singaporean players. In this title KA Gaming has mixed arcade with gambling and the result is simply amazing. You will have tons of fun while shooting your way to victory with real money cash to win some great prizes. You can win up to 368x in a single payout and experience features to increase your win.  

You can play King Octopus in 7Bit Casino and King Billy Casino.


What type of game is King Octopus?

King Octopus is an arcade slot. In this casino game you will find tons of different sea creatures. Your goal is to shoot them to earn different prizes or activate certain features. 

What is the max payout in King Octopus?

The biggest win in King Octopus is 368 times your bet. By activating certain features like Gunpowder Barrel or Freeze Treasure Box, you could win more in a short period of time. 

Does King Octopus have any features?

By shooting at certain figures you can activate features like Jellyfish Sprites, Gunpowder Barrel, Drill Weapon or Freeze Treasure Box, which makes the game a lot more entertaining. 

Who created King Octopus?

It is KA Gaming that is the software developer behind King Octopus.