KA Fish Hunter Casinos

KA Fish Hunter is a rather popular casino game coming from KA Gaming. It can be found in some of the most trusted Singaporean casinos like King Billy Casino and 7Bit Casino. 

The goal in KA Fish Hunter is to aim your minigun to kill the fish fiures at the bottom of the ocean. You use your real money balance as ammo and win real cash while playing. 

Keep a close look out for the golden shark and the black whale with the skull on its back – they are worth 200x bet. You should also look for figures with effects like Freeze Bomb, Chain Win and Special Bonus, because they can help increase your wins. 

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Quick Facts About KA Fish Hunter

DeveloperKA Gaming
Game typeArcade slot
Max win200x

How to Play KA Fish Hunter

You might expect that playing KA Fish Hunter is very hard. It is not. The KA Fish Hunter slot is fairly easy and the goal of this fish casino game is to shoot figures swimming around at the bottom of the ocean. Every shot costs money and you use your real money balance as ammo.

When you start the game you will be presented with three options – Bronze, Silver and Gold. These are not difficulty levels. They are simply determining the range of your bet size. With Bronze you can bet $0.01 to $0.10, with Silver $0.10 to $1.00 and with Gold $1.00 to $10.00 per shot. KA Fish Hunter is therefore suited for both low-rollers and high-rollers from Singapore.

If possible, it would be smart to find out if KA Fish Hunter casinos let you play this game with a singapore casino bonus. Why? The game is fast paced and you therefore wager quickly. Even without an active bonus you will have tons of fun shooting your way to victory in this game.

KA Fish Hunter Features

You will have quite a lot of fun aiming the minigun in KA Fish Hunter. There are several features that can help you increase your winnings, if you kill the figures with the special effect around them. The features are Freeze Bomb, Chain Win and Special Bonus. Let us have a closer look.

Freeze Bomb 

If you locate a figure with the Freeze Bomb effect around it you should aim for it immediately. When it is successfully killed the bomb will explode. Then all the fish that are currently present on the screen will be frozen in place for a certain period. This gives you time to steadily aim your shot at figures that pay a lot of cash in order to get some neat rewards. 

Chain Win 

If you see a figure with the Chain Win effect you should try to kill it fast. By doing so a certain number of the same species (that had the effect to behind with) will be destroyed. Chain Win can make sure that you get some really nice rewards if the Chain Win effect is to be seen on a high paying figure. Then it would really be worth firing quite a few shots in order to get it.

Special Bonus

You should be on your toes looking for a figure with the Special Bonus effect in place. If you manage to kill this figure the payout will be multiplied by 3x, 4x or 7x. If the effect is present on a high paying symbol, this could be quite the sum of money.  


There are quite a lot of figures in KA Fish Hunter. Luckily they are all unique in their own way., making it rather easy to separate them. The highest paying ones are the black whale with a skull and the golden shark with a pirate patch – both of them pay 200 times your bet.  

You will also notice figures like a killer whale, a swordfish, a hammerhead shark, a turtle, a crayfish, a stingray, an anglerfish, a bubble fish, a dragonfly and more. 

The lowest paying figure in KA Fish Hunter is 2x and the highest is 200x.

Visit a KA Fish Hunter casino like King Billy or 7Bit to have a look at the complete paytable in the game. You can see some of them in the picture below where we are betting $1.00 per shot.


KA Fish Hunter will surely be fun for all players that love to gamble. This is an innovative game that is quite different from ordinary slot machines. It was released by KA Gaming and quickly became popular amongst Singaporean players. The biggest single win is 200x, but there are tons of ways (for example features) to win a lot more than 200x in a short period of time. 


What type of game is KA Fish Hunter?

It is a type of arcade slot where you are supposed to kill figures to win real cash. 

What is the max payout in KA Fish Hunter?

The biggest win for a single figure is 200x, but features can increase your wins regularly.

Does KA Fish Hunter have any features?

In KA Fish Hunter you will often get features like Freeze Bomb, Chain Win and Special Bonus.