Fish Hunter Haiba Casinos

Fish Hunter Haiba is yet another arcade slot with an underwater fish theme. This is one of the more popular titles of its kind in the online casino industry. It was created by a software developer called Eurasia Gaming and they released back in 2019. 

In Fish Hunter Haiba you should keep your aim as steady as you can. There are tons of sea monsters at the depths of the ocean that can pay some neat prices if you destroy them in time. 

The biggest payout in this game is 500x for winning against one of the four bosses. Still, there are tons of features like the Jackpot Crab and Bomb Crab, as well as Whirlpool, Chain Lighting and Blizzard that can increase your wins by a lot of money during a short period of time.

Quick Facts About Fish Hunter Haiba

DeveloperEurasian Gaming
ReleasedJanuary 1, 2019
Game typeArcade slot
Max win500x

How to Play Fish Hunter Haiba

It is fairly easy to learn how to play Fish Hunter Haiba. It is a fish game of chance with some skills involved. Your job is to aim the mini-gun to hit sea creatures. If you finish them off before they disappear from the screen, you will get a payout for every single one of them. 

Do not worry about missing shots in this game, because they will bounce back and forth until they eventually hit something. Still, there is no doubt it helps to hit the right targets. Every shot costs money. If you hit a target with a lot of bullets and it escapes, you lose a lot for nothing.

If you do not want to aim yourself you can activate auto lock target or the auto aim. 

Auto aim. Auto aim will shoot in the direction of your mouse cursor without having to press the shoot button. It is nice to use if you want to relax a little bit more while playing.

Auto lock on target. This is the best feature to use if you want the game to play by itself. Auto lock on target will mostly focus on hitting important figures that give features or high payouts. Sit back and relax, or go grab yourself a coffee while the AI does the work for you.

Learning by doing is also an option. Are you ready? Visit a Fish Hunter Haiba casino from our list of casinos for Singaporean players. You will not be disappointed by this game.

Fish Hunter Haiba Features

Do you love casino game features? Then you will love Fish Hunter Haiba. While shooting you can experience boss events, gun upgrades, blizzard, whirlpool, chain lighting and more.

Boss Special Event

There are a total of four bosses in Fish Hunter Haiba and they are all huge – a jellyfish,  a crab, a shark-like creature and a swimming dragon. Whenever a boss dies you will be awarded with 100x to 500x your bet. A boss kill also has a chance of activating the Multiple Fire Event.

If the Multiple Fire Event triggers a boss item will appear and move to the center of the screen. Bosses will start appearing and hit this item. Each hit will create a shockwave that will deal damage to other fish on the screen resulting in some great payouts. 

Gun Upgrade Feature

When the meter on the right side of your mini-gun is full you can click it to upgrade your weapon. Exactly which weapon you get is random. It will be either the laser or the drill. Both of the gun upgrades can increase your wins for a limited time.

Laser. Fire the laser will hit everything in its path and deal tons of damage to the figures.

Drill. The drill will bounce back and forth penetrating the area and eventually explode.


Killing creatures with the blizzard effect around them will trigger the Blizzard Event. It will freeze all fish present on the screen and thereafter shoot ice arrows at to kill random creatures.


Killing creatures with the whirlpool effect around them will trigger the Whirlpool Event. In the center of the screen a whirlpool will be created to pull all fish of the same type in and kill them.

Chain Lightning

Killing creatures with the chain lighting effekt around them will trigger the Chain Lighting Event. A chain lightning will randomly strike and kill fish automatically until it runs out. 

Bomb Crab

Killing the crab carrying a bomb will trigger the Bomb Event. Multiple bombs will be thrown out and exploding at random areas. The bombs have a wide range and can kill most creatures. 

Jackpot Crab

Killing a crab carrying a treasure chest will trigger the jackpot-feature. There are 4 types of jackpots in the Fish Hunter Haiba slot – Mini, Minor, Major and Grand.


There are tons of symbols/sea creatures in Fish Hunter Haiba. Some or ordinary animals like fish and jellyfish, but you can also see gigantic crabs, evil-looking sharks and glowing dragons. Here are most of the creatures. Visit Fish Hunter Haiba casinos to see all of them. 


Fish Hunter Haiba is a great choice if you want to try something new. This is an innovative title created by Eurasia Gaming and it was released back in 2019. It has a max win of 500 times your bet, but there are tons of features that can increase the payouts while shooting. Jackpots, exploding bombs, laser guns, whirlpools, blizzards and chain lighting are some of the features.


What is the biggest win in Fish Hunter Haiba?

The biggest payout is 500x by destroying one of the four bosses, but by doing so you can trigger an event that summons more bosses and special effects that will increase your wins.

Who created Fish Hunter Haiba? 

Eurasia Gaming is the software developer behind this game.

When was Fish Hunter Haiba released?

It was released on 01.01.2019.