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Alter World is without a doubt a fish casino game with an underwater theme, but it looks to take place up in the skies. There are mountains, a big city and clouds. Still, there seems to be water present on the screen if you look closely. Maybe Alter World is like Atlantis? 

Figures presented in the game are an octopus, a sting ray, a skeleton fish, a dragon and a lot more. Your job is to shoot these creatures with bullets in order to win some real cash prizes. They will appear on the screen before moving slowly to the opposite side and disappearing. 

You should keep your eyes open for the dragons in Alter World. They can pay 368 times your bet. You will also be happy to hear that there are several features that can increase your wins. To trigger these features you need to aim for the figures when they appear on the screen.

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Quick Facts About Alter World

DeveloperKA Gaming
Game typeArcade slot
Max win368x

How to Play Alter World

You will have no problem learning Alter World here or by playing in a Singaporean casino from our list. The game is rather straightforward and is mostly based on luck, even though you can take some tactical approaches when it comes to which figures to focus shooting at.

The most important thing to know is that you use real cash as ammo. Every shot costs money, so you should not pray and spray, but instead shoot at targets you will be able to kill. 

As mentioned earlier they will move from one side to the other. Blasting several shots on a figure that you can not kill in time, will waste a lot of bullets and money. Make sure you get it!

If you choose the captain with the hat (Bronze) you can bet with $0.01 to $0.10, if you choose the captain with the glasses (Silver) you can bet with $0.10 to $1.00 and if you go for the main character with the beautiful black hair (Gold) you can bet with $1.00 to $10.00 per shot.

The gun can potentially shoot extremely fast, so $10 per shot is certainly a high-roller playstyle. 

Have in mind that Bronze, Silver and Gold are not difficulties, they are only bet levels. 

Furthermore there are some different ways to proceed when it comes to shooting. 

Shoot by yourself. To manually shoot the figures on the screen you can either tap or press the left mouse button. Aim the mouse cursor towards where you want the bullets to hit. 

Lock on a specific target. You should click the ‘lock’-icon if you want to fire at a specific target. This could be a high-paying figure or a figure that will result in a feature triggering. If you do not swap the target that you have decided to auto lock on after it is killed, the minigun will only fire on the same figure type. If it is not present on the screen, the gun will not fire any shots.

Auto shoot without clicking. Do you want to have a relaxing time playing Alter World? Then we recommend that you activate auto shooting. Click the ‘auto’-icon and decide the direction you want the gun to fire in. It will keep firing until you stop it manually or if you run out of bullets. 

Do you feel comfortable enough to play the game now? If not, it could be smart taking a look at the figures and paytable. If you are ready, visit an Alter World casino from our list.

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Alter World Features

You can experience a total of three features in Alter World. They will be triggered if you destroy certain figures like the Money Bag, the Rocket Bomb and the Iron Fish. They will have a spinning circle around them, making them easier to spot, but keep your eyes open.

Money Bag

Destroying this figure will trigger the Money Bag Feature. First you will find a random prize of up to 50x your bet size. Then all the fish present on the screen will be frozen and stop moving.

Rocket Bomb

Destroying this figure will trigger the Rocket Bomb Feature. Several futuristic submarines will appear on the screen and explode bombs that will kill a certain number of creatures.

Iron Fish

Destroying this figure will trigger the Iron Fish Feature. Not only will you be awarded with up to 50x your bet, but the bullets will fire a lot faster in specific time intervals. 


You will see quite a few figures on the screen when playing Alter World like an iron fish, a sting ray, a blue dragon, a purple dragon, a skeleton fish, a snail, a flying fish, an octopus and more. Most of them are fitting to an underwater-themed casino game. 


Alter World is an innovative casino game with an underwater theme. It is not like any other title out there, considering you use real money as shots and win money back by killing creatures. 

Alter World is created by KA Gaming and there are some features that make the game a lot more fun. You can also win a big payout of 368x if you kill one of the dragons. 

You will find the title in Alter World casinos like 7Bit Casino and King Billy Casino.


What type of game is Alter World?

Alter World is a mix of an arcade game and gambling. You are supposed to shoot figures that appear on the screen in order to win real cash. Each bullet will cost you money. 

What is the max payout in Alter World?

The biggest single win is 368 times your bet if you kill a dragon. Still, there are ways to earn quite a lot of money in a short period of time thanks to the features in Alter World. 

Does Alter World have any features?

There are several features that can trigger like Rocket Bomb, Iron Fish and Money Bag. 

Who created Alter World ?

KA Gaming is the software developer of Alter World.