5 Dragons Fishing Casinos

5 Dragons Fishing is an innovative casino arcade game. It was created by JDB Gaming and was released in 2019. It comes with a maximum payout of 1800x. The goal of the game is to shoot your way to victory by aiming for all the figures and bonus symbols in 5 Dragons Fishing.

Quick Facts About 5 Dragons Fishing

DeveloperJDB Gaming
ReleasedNovember 4, 2019
Game typeArcade slot
Max win1800x

How to Play 5 Dragons Fishing

You will find it rather easy to play this arcade slot created by JDB. First you have to make a deposit in a 5 Dragons Fishing casino. Then you need to choose a bet size.

Every time you shoot in the 5 Dragons Fishing slot you use real money. This means that every shot is like a bet. You are supposed to destroy the figures in the game to win cash back. 

In this fish casino game you will experience several exciting features that can increase your payouts like free shots and boss fights. Just like in a slot machine where you get free spins and other bonuses.

5 Dragons Fishing Features

In 5 Dragons Fishing you can expect quite a lot of features while shooting your way to victory. Here you can get weapon upgrades, experience a pickā€™em bonus, free bullets and more.

Boss Fight

If you see the anglerfish with a crown you have spotted the mini-boss in 5 Dragons Fishing. Aim your gun and start shooting, because here you can win anywhere from 15x to 300x.  

Dragons Bonus

This bonus will trigger if you destroy the symbol of the dragon portal (look picture below). Here you will be taken to another screen where you will spot 5 different dragons. 

The goal is to click the gems above them. By clicking them they will open and reveal what is inside – it could be multipliers or pearls that belong to the dragons. If you collect two pearls belonging to a specific dragon, the dragons bonus-feature will end. You will also get a reward. But if you reveal the colorful pearl with golden edges, you can keep revealing gems.

Shark Mouth Cannon

If you destroy the symbol of the Shark Mouth Cannon you will get 30 free bullets immediately and the shots are worth 5 times your bet. This means that the payout will be multiplied by 5x. 

Depth Charge Bullets

If you destroy the symbol of the Depth Charge Bullets you will get 30 powerful shots with 5x. You can tap any symbol to launch the Depth Charge Bullets that will deal extra damage.

Weapon Bonus

If you destroy the Shark Mouth Cannon symbol with either the Shark Mouth Cannon or the Depth Charge Bullets your shots will get a multiplier of 25x.

If you destroy the Depth Charge Bullets symbol with either the Depth Charge Bullets or the Shark Cannon Bullets your shots will get a multiplier of 15x.

5 Dragons Inspection

At any given moment one of the 5 dragons can appear at the sea floor. If you manage to take it down, you will get a reward from 50x up to a total of 500x. The multiplier is random.


There are tons of symbols present in 5 Dragons Fishing. Of course you will notice quite a lot of fish. You will also see an octopus, a starfish, a seahorse and more. The 5 dragons can also be spotted. We recommend that you take a look at the paytable in 5 Dragons Fishing casinos.


5 Dragons Fishing is a great choice if you want to try something new. Arcade slots are fun hours on end. This particular title comes with several features like Dragons Bonus, Depth Charge Bullets, Shark Mouth Cannon, multipliers and more. 5 Dragons Fishing was created by JDB and was released in 2019. The max payout is 1800 times your bet.


What is the max payout in 5 Dragons Fishing?

The biggest possible win is 1800 times your bet.

Does 5 Dragons Fishing have any features?

Boss Fight, Dragons Bonus, Shark Mouth Cannon, Depth Charge Bullets and Weapon Bonus are some of the features in 5 Dragons Fishing by JDB Gaming.

When was 5 Dragons Fishing released?JDB released this casino game 04.11.2019.